Die IMMAF über Sicherheit im Sport

On 15. Mai 2012 by admin

The IMMAF is committed to supporting the establishment of regulations and practices on health, safety, youth involvement and more. The safety aspect in particular is something that will benefit from an international perspective. This does not entail creating mandatory regulations for all members but rather investigating best practice and assisting countries and organizations that need help in creating their own regulations. In the future the IMMAF aims to produce a set of international guidelines regarding basic health and safety issues. For more on MMA and safety please click here for some basic facts.

IMMAF is also committed to developing MMA as an international sport, from the recreational level to the elite level, and this progression has inherent safety issues. For the sport to keep growing and developing the MMA community needs to give attention to the grass roots movement – every large sport depends on there being a stable and structured introduction to the sport. But given the physical and technical demands of MMA there are substantial differences in practicing the sport on a recreational level, as regular exercise, and competing on the elite level.

The progression from recreational level to elite level raises many issues regarding when to introduce full-contact, allowed techniques, type of bouts, safety gear and so forth. The issue of how to regulate and maintain MMA on every level is therefore a prioritized issue for the IMMAF. One example of how to handle practitioners on different levels is the Safety Ladder system which is the type of best practice we aim to benchmark and develop for broad use. For more on MMA and the the Safety ladder, click here.

Do you have input or suggestions for benchmarking when it comes to safety? Please send us an email to info@immaf.org and we will come in contact with you.

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